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This composition is a further exploration of the physics of sound.  

The most basic representation of sound is a single sine wave.  And many different sine waves are all contained within one single 'note'.  The amplitude that each sine wave is present at helps inform us what resonator is making the sound.  It is one of the ways humans differentiate between a piano, a trombone, and a guitar all playing the exact same pitch.  

Mind you the order these sine waves appear is a constant in nature.  It's called the harmonic series, and it is present everywhere in the physical world.  

What this composition does, then, is it takes 2 base notes and plays with the overtones found in each of them to create both melodic and rhythmic harmonies.

Both the relation in pitch and the timing in the shift from note 1 to note 2 to note 1 to note 2 etc... is roughly A + B is to A as A is to B, or the golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi (φ).

The ideas within this composition were influenced by Paul Hindemith, Éliane Radigue, Arvo Pärt, and Brian Eno.

Written, perfomed, recorded and produced by Nathan Goheen

Mastered by Mike Reina at the Brink

Painting by Anne-Marie Eugene 

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