I was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas to two high school teachers (my father taught drama and English and my mother was the librarian.)  My brother, four years my senior, got me interested in music when he introduced me to Guns N' Roses.  He also played bass guitar, so when I was around 12 I started playing it as well.  Soon after, my friends Ryan Wurtz (there's a link to his music under collaborations) and Nick Urbom and I formed a band.  We played together from middle school until the middle of college - 7 years in all.  For better or worse the band splintered, and I moved to New York City, transferring into Manhattan School of Music in September of 2002. 


I began studying acoustic bass more seriously (with bass behemoths Jay Anderson, John Benitez, Taurus Mateen and Ben Street) and became interested in playing jazz.  I've been very fortunate to have played with masters Bobby Watson (a mentor from my Kansas City days), Stephen Scott, and Winard Harper as well as contemporaries such as Logan Richardson.  Another performing hi-light was playing the U.S. premier of Michael Gordon and Bill Morrison's Decasia.  I played in other classical music settings as well as everything from rock to singer/songwriter and world music.  Unfortunately, running on a parallel track were ever-increasing self-destructive habits.  


In 2013 I consciously began to write and record my 'own' music after years of feeling unhappy, partly because I was trying to fit myself into areas I didn't belong but felt I should.  I released my first album napago - 777 in 2015.  This was followed up by numerous collaborations with the multi-talented Lauren Cox (there's a link to her work in collaborations) including my next release Symbioh: Music for Dance.  In 2017 Blues in Brown (featuring a version of Willie Nelson's 'Hello Walls') was released.  It includes a slew of talented people (there are links for most of them in the music section.)  The single Signs of Summer was released in 2018, followed by 2019's Nancy's Hands.  A re-working of some music from 2016 led to the release of Fishers of Men.

Spring of 2020 is another harvest festival with the release of Live Improvisations, Meditation, and φ, whose individual pages have more information about each release.

Currently I'm writing music for my father's adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Star-Child.  Additionally, I'm recording experiments with the physical nature of sound -- they are in a similar vein as Signs of Summer.  

Feel free to contact me through the connect page.

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