Late last night,

after the questions had gone to bed,

you held all answers.

You knew the beauty of this world.


Why can't you always keep this feeling?

This serenity some find in a holy place kneeling?


Over you I watch.  

In the sky you'll see her in my pale veiled light.  

I'll soon caress your dreams like they were the tide.


All last night,

after the answers had laid down their heads,

  you questioned your bones, the spirit of your soul,

and their meaning.  

Why?  What?  Who?

Are you supposed to be? And supposed to do?


She rises to her throne in the sky.

She strengthens with her fire and light.

Promising joy, love, and happiness to all the world.




Music and lyrics written, performed, recorded and produced by Nathan Goheen.

Mixed by Michael Paliocha and Nathan Goheen.

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