The following is by Antwayn Hopper.

I called Nancy the name that was most appropriate-depending on the time of day... literally.  So within one day Nancy could be Mrs. Epoch, vocal coach, High School music teacher, conductor, confidante and / or Boss!  After the untimely passing of her son, Barry, we both agreed I would simply call her Mom. Every Mothers Day I'd make it a point to send her a card to let her know what she meant to me.  At the mercy of Nancy's hands I learned Ol' Man River - a song that I sing to this day.  This song garnered me a Fulbright Scholarship as well as one spot out of six for the Men of Carnegie Mellon University's Drama Program, a school which would change the course of my life and of course was chosen by Epoch.  From there Nancy's hands gave me my first Broadway show, Hair!  Because of Nancy's undying passion for the Arts, I thank God for individuals such as Nathan Goheen, who surprised me with the name of this beautiful song AFTER we had recorded!  Oh the emotions of finding out that this very voice that Nancy trained would one day be heard to honor her.  With all the love I possess and more, "this ONE'S for you Mom."  May you always and forever rest in peace and receive all the love from the thousands you blessed - continuously and selflessly.  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY FOREVER, AMEN.

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Nathan Goheen

Featuring Antwayn Hopper -- vocals; Paul Wood -- electric guitar; Boris Skalsky -- additional recording.  

Mastered by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo.

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