I went down to that old cemetery

late last night to find your grave.  

Though I hadn't visited for years 

I stumbled to exactly where you lay.


Even though I had bury you

and our love affair that started seventeen years ago,

I still think about you most every day

and all the good times to me you'd show.

And they say, 'The feeling never goes away.  

So try to take it day by day.'  

Yet as I look into those sad, empty eyes

I can't believe the words they pray.

So I spent half the night digging

up that box with the broken-boned body 

so I could have a friend and companion

for the devil inside of me.

And after I had drained the last drop 

and it was time to place you back in the pine,

by the light of the moon I read the inscription on the stone that marked your tomb,

and the name engraved was mine.

You know I caught that feeling today

because life had worn me down day after day.  

And as my veins filled with the sludge and the muck and the mud,

I lay dying.  

Only thing I could do was only pray.

Music and lyrics written, performed, recorded and produced by Nathan Goheen.

Featuring Ryan Wurtz -- additional recording and acoustic, electric and lap steel guitars; John Hadfield -- additional recording and bass drum, dumbek, cymbals, shakers and jingles; Emily Brausa -- cello.

Mixed by Mike Reina at The Brink.

Mastered by Chris Athens.

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