I feel very blessed to have played electric and acoustic basses for the Justin Gerrish-produced album Foolish by Rowan Kerrick.

Erin Grace is an extremely talented singer and songwriter I had the pleasure of producing.  Although she was terminally ill at the time this music was recorded, her voice and songs still sing out and are a testament to her gifts.

Blue Neighborhood - Ering Grace
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Foggy State of Mind - Erin Grace
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Hooked on You - Erin Grace
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Sleepwalking - Erin Grace
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Enough for Me - Erin Grace
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Let Me Go - Erin Grace
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These videos feature music composed for the choreography of Lauren Cox.

I had the pleasure of recording electric and acoustic bass for Brooklyn-based Dead Heart Bloom's Strange Waves and In Chains.  

Ryan Wurtz is a musician I've been collaborating with many, many years.  I love his music and am happy to have played bass on his album Transmissions.

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