Just a pillow to dry my tears.

It alone accepts all fears.

I've lost so much, feel I've gained so little.

Only your touch won't break this brittle


soul inside longing for you.

Seeking your essence and your love of blue

of this ocean inside needing you to guide

these waters to their homes, this man off his island.




This blanket has become a sort of shroud.

And though it comforts it does not give

the touch of your tenderness

nor the caress of your gentle kiss.


Will you give ourselves this chance?

To let our flames eternally dance?

For the two to become one?

Blessed am I with you Jerusalem.





Music and lyrics written, performed, recorded and produced by Nathan Goheen.

Featuring Nick Urbom -- drum programming.

Mixed by Nathan Goheen and Michael Paliocha.

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